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I've been rooting my Puretty girls since day 1 and even though they've disbanded, I'm still praying they'll all make their dreams happen. Also, fuckyeah Ahn Sojin! ♥
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Boarding House #24

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PHOTOS | Hara for Oh Boy, oct ‘14 issue (eem1011)

“ Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ”
Socrates (via koreyan)
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“Day & Night - EP" by KARA

Day & Night - EP" by KARA

“ Instead of writing,
I would rather be saying
all these words to you. ”
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- The unnies after I left. They’re doing strange things!!!!
- What unnies… Why do something like this… Anyway.
-Ah…………….. ♥

Soft thai trans by my friend diana (ty ♥) 
Prints and thai translation by @withkara

me::*sniffs air*
me::ah september
me::the time where bugs die
me::and tv shows gradually return from hiatus
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goo hara for harper’s bazaar

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